My name is Steve and I live in Philly.

Jason: I make a good income, if I know that $30k per year will be taken from me and given to my relaxed pot smoking neighbor who wants to chill and pay no taxes, it makes me wonder ‘for a little less income, why the Hell should I work to pay for the lazy, relaxed guy beside me? If I can’t get my family ahead by working hard then why should I? Why should I support the lazy guy beside me and how does the government feel they can Take money from my daughter and give it to the lazy guy beside me after I worked hard to earn it???

Makes you wonder, why not live off someone else’s hardwork? Screw trying to get ahead. Why risk a student loan to become educated? No, stay at home, someone else will take care of you. Stop caring about bettering yourself, much of the reward from working smart and hard will be given to the person who doesn’t care.

I will fight to create rehabilitation programs to bring people back into productive society, but I will also fight to protect an individuals right to be rewarded for hard, smart, dedicated work. There will always be situations of corporate greed, it’s who we are, but take away motivation and reward laziness and you will create more of what you reward …

For such a smart country, this is such an stupid and shortsighted idea …

Luke: Because you work for money, not pride. You are a selfish man Jason, and you are teaching your kids the awful life you have working while secluding your family from their surroundings. You’re an excellent 30k worker, and I’m sure you help maintain your premises.

Your work may be clever, and hard, but its anything but smart or wise.
You’re a selfish worker, that’s why you’re asking selfish questions, and ignorant qurries. Good luck, may the fine arts of appreciation be your next calling.